Tony Parker Adéquat Academy

« Parole de Passionnés » – Jean-Michel Aulas

An inspirational meeting for our Academians… Jean-Michel Aulas, President of the Olympique Lyonnais club, was the guest of the first event « Parole de Passionnés » this Wednesday!

The Tony Parker Adéquat Academy and the Adéquat Group launched this Wednesday, January 22, the first meeting of the conferences « Parole de Passionnés » giving voice to personalities from all backgrounds who have managed to mix passion and employment, or passion and studies. They are invited to speakt about their journey, the difficulties they encountered or the best memories of their career, all in an intimate atmosphere!

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During this privileged meeting, Jean-Michel Aulas told our students about memories from childhood, the creation of his first business at 19, or his participation in the movement of May 68; before tackling his current daily life at the head of the club and OL Group.

Jean-Michel AULAS
« Starting a business project gives you humility, like sport does. This is something that can work, but you can never be sure. It’s like games, you can win, you can lose… You never know. And you cannot succeed on your own. You have to work with collaborators or teammates, you have to respect them.« 

The meeting was punctuated by interventions from the Academicians who where involved in the event with the preparation of a few questions addressed to the guest.

This was a real opportunity to get to know better the man behind his iconic President’s suit, to understand his background, his vision of the corporate world, and to preview some of the projects he is working on!

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