Tony Parker Adéquat Academy

Livio, Academician of September

This year the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy wants to highlight the involvement of the Academicians on the different aspects of life within the Academy ( education, practice of their passion, community life), that’s why each month one Academician will be elected « Academician of the Month ».

The Academicians have had the opportunity to get used to their new environment since mid-August. After two weeks of integration rich in activities, they are back at studying and training and most of them are participating in competitions.

Based on the activities of this first month, the staff of the Academy has chosen Livio as “Academician of the month” for the month of September!

An award highlighting his involvement and exemplary behavior on a daily basis, both with the other Academicians and with the supervisors of the private High-School Acadomia TPAA and his passion.



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Congratulations Livio for this well-deserved title!

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