Tony Parker Adéquat Academy

First meeting of The Partners Academy at the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy.

This Thursday, June 25th, The Partners Academy organized the animation  » Passion to accomplish together « , supervised by the companies Libz and Coach to Coast. It was an opportunity for the partners of the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy to meet for a rewarding moment of exchange and conviviality.

Welcomed by Xavier LUCAS, President of the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy and with the presence of Brian LIEBENBERG, former international French rugby player and creator of the educational Playball, the guests had the opportunity to discover the concept of The Partners Academy.

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After this words of welcome, the partners had the opportunity to participate in a first workshop supervised by Sylvain LAUPIE, founder of Coach to Coast, based on leadership and team cohesion.

Then, Brian LIEBENBERG presented the second workshop, innovative and playful around the rugby ball.
The opportunity for the participants to discover a new way of working as a team around the same passion.

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This afternoon ended with a coffee, allowing everyone to exchange on this sporting moment full of lessons !

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