During the ceremony of the Game Shakers Awards, Tony Parker received the Special Prize for the Academy, rewarding a « Shaking up Initiative » !


Tony Parker is Ambassador for the third edition of the Game Shakers Awards, hosted on 11 February at Esports BAR Cannes, Palais des Festivals. The Game Shakers Awards recognise individuals and companies for their forward-thinking approach to esports, in particular for their success in raising awareness of esports beyond the “e.”.


Parker, a passionate advocate for education, this year opened the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy in Lyon, France, designed to provide educational and employment opportunities to young people. He brings this passion to his role as The Game Shakers Awards Ambassador, delivering a dedicated focus on the importance of the development of education and esports at the ceremony in Cannes.

Tony Parker “It’s an honour to be named Ambassador. In my professional life, my motivators have always been passion and determination. That’s what has driven the development of The Academy, enabling passionate young people to build their life’s dream with the promise of a job on graduation. I hope that we can relay the message of the importance of education in esports not only to guests attending the event, but to the wider global esports audience.”


During the ceremony, Tony Parker, as President of the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy, has received the EsportsBar Special Prize, “Shaking up Initiative”, from Arnaud Verhlac! The prize is a way to honor the Academy concept, which is an opportunity to coach the best players on a global level, mixing passion, education and business world links.

“The core values of Tony’s Academy are completely aligned with Esports BAR and the Game Shakers Awards’ values – recognising passion, innovation, excellence and entrepreneurship in the esports world. There is a real synergy between the skills required to become an esports champion and a professional sportsperson,” sayd Esports BAR Director Arnaud Verlhac. “Tony epitomises so many elements that go towards success in esports thanks to his remarkable basketball career and now, as an international business entrepreneur.”