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Tony Parker Adéquat Academy

Workshops with the Groupe Adéquat

Namer partner and co-founder of the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy, the Groupe Adéquat has taken on the mission of supporting our new promotion. Thanks to the installation of an Adéquat agency on campus, students are supported all along their career to build their professional project with a job offer at the end of the course.

Thanks to the organization of workshops and other interventions on the theme of employment, by Adéquat and the Academy staff, the students have the necessary tools to discover the world of business and their integration into the professional world. 

For this second year, several meetings and workshops have already been organized by our partner for the Academicians: 

Discovery of the Groupe Adéquat 

During the first week of the new school year, members of the Groupe Adéquat and the Adéquat Lyon Event agency, which is part of the Academy’s campus, introduced themselves to our students. This was an opportunity for our partner to establish a first contact with the teenagers by showing them their involvement and their philosophy. 

Personality test 

The personality test, or color test, is one of the annual meetings between the Academy and the Groupe Adéquat. It is a workshop allowing the Academicians to know themselves and others better, thanks to a personality test and the revelation of soft skills. A must-see experience at the beginning of the year! 

Each student was able to take the personality test and receive their own result based on their answers. 

Adéquat « Finding a job » Workshops

For the first workshop of the year, the Groupe Adéquat had identified a universal and useful theme for all our Academicians: the CV and cover letter. Two recruiters from Adsearch (a subsidiary of Groupe Adéquat specialized in consulting and recruitment) participated in this practical workshop, sharing many tips and best practices with students. 

Smaller group workshops were also set up for our post-baccalaureate Academicians. The first one was an intervention on job search, making the students discover the different tools, skills, and good processes, with the goal of preparing and optimizing their future job search, be it for a summer job or their future employment. A well-paced start to the year and the next appointments already scheduled, in order to continue to develop the link with the business world! 

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