Tony Parker Adéquat Academy

Our Academicians went back to their homes last weekend, and the Academy daily life, like that of all places of education, was turned upside down. If the courses no longer take place physically in our « Work Zone », the Acadomia high school remains open with distance classes!

As soon as the schools had to close, the management teams of our partner Acadomia prepared the use of Alive technology. Continuity of training is thus ensured, with distance learning classes thanks to Acadomia innovative technology.

Therefore, the Academicians enrolled in our private Acadomia high school « joined » their eschool on Tuesday. They follow the lessons with their classmates and with the same weekly schedule as usual, always supervised by the teaching team they already know. Attendance and quality of work is monitored, in a spirit of community and increased attention.

Our commitment to education and support for each young person therefore continues, thanks in particular to the involvement of our partner Acadomia and the educational team.
Even outside the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy and in this unseen period, the Academy and Acadomia teams put in place the tools and organization necessary to ensure continuity of learning, keeping in mind the everyone’s next challenges, whether it is going to the next class or taking exams at the end of the school year.

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