Tony Parker Adéquat Academy

Exchanges between Tony PARKER and Japanese coaches

Tony PARKER, our Founder-President, and several B-League club youth department officials gathered in Tokyo. This time, Parker came to Japan for NBA promotion, but exchanged opinions on the development of young people.

The representatives of Japan gathered here were Mr. Yoshikazu Suzuki, a member of ERUTLUC Co., Ltd. (member of the Japan Basketball Association Technical Committee Leader Training Division), Mr. Ryota Shiono (Team Operations Academy Manager, Academy Coach) from Alvark Tokyo , Chiba Jets Funabashi Mr. Sato Hiroki (basketball headquarters Academy Department), Nagoya diamond Dolphins Shuichi Kataoka (training in charge of Youth School coach / Japan basketball Association technical Committee leadership Group unit member), Yokohama Bee Koruseazu Mr. Taku Shirasawa of Mr. (Academy Division Director and youth team head coach) and a large tree Seoto (Academy Division), Mr. Takehito Goto (G pt basket representative).

Mr. Kaoru Shimoda (NBA / FIBA ​​authorized agent), who linked Parker and youth generation leaders in Japan, said, “I would like to exchange the opinions of the club’s requests, what they can do and what they want to do in the form of an exchange of opinions.« 



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