On Tuesday, the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy hosted the first edition of E-sport2Job, organized by the T agency by Talentéo, ZQSD productions and Agefiph.

Participants, companies and job seekers with disabilities, have played on Xbox, partner of the event, and challenged on 3 games: Rocket League, Worms WMD and Overcooked, accessible to amateurs and insiders!

Esport, which is naturally inclusive, encourages the creation of links to put the prejudices on disability out of touch and to promote the employment of people with disabilities. Video games are therefore the binder for mixing, sharing and, above all, undifferentiation.

The goal of the event E-sport2Job? Change the perspective of disability and encourage meetings between candidates with disabilities and recruiters. Some parties allowed to break down the barriers between candidates and recruiters and to speak “recruitment” in any conviviality, far from the codes of the classic recruitment.