Basketball Preparatory Year at the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy

Starting this September 2019, the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy is offering a Preparatory year program. This Preparatory year offer is reserved to high school graduate students, looking at improving their basketball level during a gap year, and preparing SAT for entry to US colleges.

Basketball Program:

The basketball training will be adapted to each level and will take into account each student’s needs.

  • Intensive training 5 days a week with 2 coaching sessions per day (individual, collective and mental preparation)
  • Full access to the gym and basketball courts for practice
  • Coaching supervised by our existing LDLC ASVEL Coaching team
  • Medical support and Balneotherapy
  • Use of innovative technologies (drones, virtual reality, GPS tracking)

US College Preparatory Test:

We offer an individual training course for the SAT. It includes 40 hours individual lessons – with the possibility to add more, as well as languages lessons if needed.

Professional coaching program:

This coaching program is managed by the Groupe Adéquat. They will help Academicians to prepare their professional project. Preparatory year students will be able to participate in all events: conferences, workshops organized during the year at the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy.

Duration of the program: 10 months

Start: 1st week of September 2019

Admission process:

Full cost include:

  • Individual Sport Coaching Program (20 coaching hours per week)
  • SAT preparation or Language Courses (40 hours individual lessons)
  • Full Board Accommodation for 10 months (including vacation and weekends) on our campusAccommodation in the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy includes: 24 hours on site security, full use of premium facilities, good quality of life, in the heart of Lyon, special connections with US colleges…


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