Xavier LUCAS, Tony Parker Adéquat Academy Vice-President and Nordine GHRIB, Development Officer, flew to Guadeloupe from the 1st to the 5th of April. This week was the opportunity to organize lots of meetings with schools headmasters, educators, students candidates and their families. The aim of this trip was to raise awareness about the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy in the West Indies and to reinforce relationships with the educational staff and educators already develop by Nordine GHRIB through his current projects with the LDLC ASVEL Club.

Thanks to our collaboration with the school Headmaster Yann FRANÇOIS, we had the opportunity to introduce the Academy to students from the Cité Scolaire d’Excellence sportive – CREPS Antilles Guyane in Point-à-Pitre. We also reached out to the Lycée polyvalent of Pointe Noire to present the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy.

This trip was also the opportunity to meet with many families interested to hear more about the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy. These exchanges allowed the team to know more about the profile of each potential students and to introduce the different programs offered by the Academy.

To end this visit to Guadeloupe, our team met with the technical staff from the Guadeloupe Basketball League around an event organized  by the basketball section from the Pointe-à-Pitre CREPS. They presented the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy to around 50 students and families. A local TV channel from Guadeloupe, ETV, also attended this event to interview and communicate about the TPAA.