Last week, the second and third year students of the TPAA Acadomia private high school prepared for their end of year exams with a full week of practice tests.

For Hugo, one of our Economic and social students, the week was intense, with the following schedule:

  • Monday: Spanish and sciences exams
  • Tuesday: Sports exams
  • Wednesday: Economic and Social Sciences exam
  • Thursday: Preparation for the oral exam
  • Friday: History and English exams

"The tests went quite well. For me, the difficulty was to keep the pace and to handle tests of varying lengths throughout the week. "

 "The subject that inspired me the most was Spanish, but the History test was more complicated. I remained focused as usual, especially for my specialties which are longer exams: Economics and English."


In the meantime, the third-year students took their sports exams. The two sports selected for our Academicians this year were table tennis and running.
For the past few months, the students have practiced table tennis with a coach in order to get ready for their exam.