For this third day of the thematic week, the Academicians spent the morning in their student clubs.

Through these clubs, Academicians develop skills around themes and topics of their own interest: Debate Clubs, events, citizenship, arts and media. Today, professionals have spoken to each of them through activities and exchange times.


Media Club :
The media club spent the morning in the offices of Tonic RADIO. Cécilia (journalist) Marine (communication officer) and Davy (station manager) welcomed the students for a discovery of their professions.

Event club :
The Academicians of the event club spent the morning with Eddy BERNARD, basketball speaker, who came to present his job and supervise the microphone animation workshop.

Citizen club :
The citizen club welcomed Delphine DUVERGER and Hélène BLONDEL from the association Sport dans la ville, the opportunity for them to present the association and the profession of educator. Following this presentation, Gérard VILLASEQUE, head of the collection department of the Corbières Salanque Méditérannée community of municipalities, held a videoconference with the young people in order to raise their awareness of sustainable development professions.

Debate Club :
For the debate club, this morning was an opportunity to discover the world of law and to put on a pleading, led by Virginie DENIS-GUICHARD of VDG Avocats.

Art and Music Club :
Finally, for the Academicians of the art and music club, Mohktar MAOUAZ, from the Institut Lumières intervened to talk in more detail about the cinema sector. Maiwenn HAMON LUCAS then took over by presenting his career and the specifics of the architectural profession.