The Academy staff presentations are back for this new season. Sophie, Director of the TPAA Acadomia Private High School talks about her role within the Academy and tells us how she supports each young Academician throughout their high school years.

  • Can you introduce yourself in a few words.

I worked 9 years for the National Education as a CPE in establishments (high school and college) in Priority Education Zones, so I already had an educational notion.
Then I joined Acadomia in 2004 as a Pedagogical and Tutoring Consultant, also with a commercial aspect. The notion of individual support was developed, with the flagship value of "believing in each potential".

I started to take the role of Agency Manager, before turning to the teacher's side and taking care of the recruitment, then I became interested in partnerships with sports clubs for tutoring (with the Olympique Lyonnais, LOU Rugby).

When the project of the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy emerged, I quite naturally positioned on the recruitment side and on the management afterwards.


  • Why are you so interested in the partnerships with clubs and other sports entities?

The values of sport have always inspired me personally but also among young people. The development of this balance between the double project of sport and education is really necessary and helps young athletes to build themselves.


  • What is your role within the Academy?

My job was at the beginningfocused on administration, with the recruitment of teachers, and the implementation of the pedagogical path and teaching. Gradually, I have created an individual follow-up with the young people.

I am also working on a pedagogical innovation part, by developing a new way of teaching. The goal is to alternate the teaching form by making it less "masterful".


  • What programs are offered at the TPAA Acadomia high school?

We offer general programs with different specialties (Scientific, Economic and Social Sciences and Literature), we also develop a technological section (STMG), which is an interesting and increasingly valued section.


  • What makes the TPAA Acadomia High School different from other high schools in France?

We have the resources and the desire to offer an individual program, with a close relationship between the teachers and the students, thanks to our small classes.


  • How the follow-up of each high school student is organized?

For the follow up with the parents, I organize interviews with the student every trimester, followed by a feedback from the parents. I make sure to be available for them and to answer their questions as soon as possible.

I regularly do a follow-up per student with Maureen, in charge of the Student and Recruitment Pole, and with the coaches of the teams. 

I make sure that it is daily, in order that each member of the team is coordinated, that the level of information and the speech is the same for everyone, in order to keep the balance between education and passion.