For this new staff presentation, we interviewed Pierre Bressant basketball coach at the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy. He tells us about his experience, what he brings to the Academicians and gives advice to future Academicians!

  • Can you introduce yourself and your career path?

I was born in France in Fontainebleau, then I went to the United States with my parents, to do my studies. Then I came back to France to play as a professional in Mulhouse, Antibes, Paris, Monaco and Lyon at the end of my career. Since then, I obtained all the coaching diplomas and I have trained the ASVEL girls and boys teams. It' s been 2 years now that I am coach at the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy.

  • What is your role within the Academy?

I am at the Academy to share my experience with Academicians, to develop their physical and mental skills and to guide them on and off the court. My goal is to make them learn with my experience. I make sure that my advice is transmitted but above all applied. 

  • How do you organize your training sessions?

We have weight training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, on Wednesdays I usually ask them to make 500 free throws and the same number of 3-point shots. Some trainings are reserved for individual work, others for the group.

  • In your opinion, what are the qualities required to join the TPAA and practice the passion for basketball?

The first quality is to be passionate! The desire matters more than the level and that's what I want to make people understand. The Academy is made to live with your passion but not your passion. The goal of the teenagers who come here is to practice their passion with a schooling program.

  • Can you tell me about the group you are currently coaching?

It is wonderful! They are disciplined and there is a very good harmony in the group. They understand why they are here, they anticipate my expectations and they are getting more self-confident!

  • Tell us more about the change between coaching a pro team and your role with a team of young and passionate people?

I haven't changed and my way of saying things hasn't changed either. I ask to do the same things, the ability to do and obviously different, but my methods are the same. What changes is that beyond basketball, I am here to help them grow and evolve outside the courts. The first thing I ask them to do better in school than in basketball.

  • After having a professional career in basketball, do you have any advice on the subject of reconversion?

The first thing to know is that you are not safe from an injury that can quickly cut your career, so you have to anticipate! That's what I preach, "expect the unexpected", be ready for the unexpected, because if you're not, it becomes difficult.

  • What is in your opinion the added value of TPAA?

I look 30 meters away and there is the high school, their apartment and here they have all the infrastructures to practice in good conditions. 

  • What would you say to a young person who wants to join the TPAA?

It's an ideal place to play basketball, with a lot of joy. I always make sure to have a good mood in the group. If they want to work a lot in training and at school, this is the perfect place.

  • Do you have any advice to give to Academicians and future Academicians?

Be ready physically and mentally! You're never going to work the way you're going to work here!