The introduction of the Academy staff continues, today Maureen, Head of the Student Pole, tells us about the Academy, recruitment and programs offered.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Maureen Reat, I have been part of the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy project for 2 years. I came to the Academy after having experienced multiple experiences in France and abroad. It was a project that brought together education, an international dimension, and more especially a real entrepreneurial spirit, which made me want to join.

Tell us about your role in the TPAA.

I am in charge of the Student Affairs and of Recruitment of the TPAA, which means that I am in charge of making sure we respect the promise we make to the young people who join us by guaranteeing their well-being and the implementation of the program related to the concept, as well as the recruitment and admission of all the passionate students who wish to join the adventure.

 Can you present the different programs offered?

Today if a young basketball or Esport enthusiast wishes to join us one can do so in joining one of our programs. 

The first one, TPAA Acadomia high school, allows one to pass a general or technological baccalaureate at the Academy and therefore to be able to join us as soon as the first year.

We also have the Gap Year program, a transition year that allows young people to come and live the experience of the Academy while practicing their passion and continuing to develop themselves.

Partnerships at the post-baccalaureate level are also put in place, we work in collaboration with the Emlyon Business School, which offers a Global BBA, a 4-year training specialized in management that is flexible enough to enable our Academicians to train.

Finally, we also have a partnership with the IGS group, which offers a 2-year work-study program to prepare them for customer relations and commercial positions.

What is a typical day for an Academician?

A typical day for high school students is a good balance between their passion and their studies. They have breakfast at the Academy and then go to school for two hours, followed by a time of practice of their passion.
They always take their lunch in the catering area, then go for supervised study time or rest, before returning to class and then to training at the end of the day.
After dinner, they can once again benefit from supervised study time or activities depending on the days and events schedule.

Why join the TPAA more than another school may be relevant for some profiles?

I would say for the strength of our concept, which means combining the passion of the Academy students, putting it at the center of their project and their experience, allowing them to live it in the best possible conditions with high-level infrastructures and high-quality supervision. All this combined with a schooling adjusted to their needs, with reduced class sizes, a different pedagogical method and a proximity with the teachers.

The third pillar that emphasizes the difference for me is the link with the business world, the fact that we have an annual program that allows us to enrich their experience through meetings, activities, theme weeks and other events.

What type of profiles of Academicians are recruited at the TPAA?

We really welcome different profiles, girls and boys from 14 to 21 years old with a passion for basketball or esport. This year's recruitment is oriented towards young people who have just finished middle school and wish to join the first year of high school or young people who have just finished high school and wish to join the other post-baccalaureate programs offered. 

 What are the different steps to apply to the Academy?

To apply to the Academy, you need to practice Basketball or Esport and to be familiar with our concept and understand it. It is possible to contact me via the form on the website to ask me any questions for example.

Then you just have to apply directly via the website by preparing a 2-minute video explaining your involvement in your passion, specifying why it is important for, what it brings, because the passion is an essential element to join the Academy. Finally, fill out the form by attaching the grade reports of the last two years.

If a profile is selected after these steps, the Academy will contact the candidate to arrange an interview at our offices or online.

For you, what is the strength of the TPAA?

For me the strength of the Academy is the human side, the proximity with the young people and the fact of having a different approach than what is done in the traditional system by highlighting their passion which is their strength and what makes the specificity of their profile.