Since the beggining of the lock down, the staff adapted the Academy organization to the situation. All Academicians were able to continue their school program: most of the lessons given by emlyon business school were already taking place at a distance, few additional arrangements were made; our partner Acadomia started eschool for our high school students, with Alive technology.

Educational continuity was thus ensured for all, a new rhythm and organization have been found for several weeks.

Our commitment to education and support for each young person therefore continues, thanks in particular to the involvement of our partners Adéquat, Acadomia and emlyon, and their teams. Even outside the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy and in this unseen period, our team put in place the tools and the organization necessary to ensure continuity of learning, keeping in mind the everyone’s next challenges, whether it is going to the next class or taking exams at the end of the school year.

Regarding the new organization of the Academy and the Government regulations for sports and esports activities in group, the Board members have decided to continue and complete the 2019-2020 school year remotely.

This period will be an opportunity for our team to continue working remotely with our Academicians, regarding their education, passion, health and life project. Our team will also prepare the next school year and the arrival of new Academicians.

Tony PARKER, President-Founder of the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy

"I discussed a lot with the staff during the lock down period in France, I know all the work they put in place to adapt the activity, continue the distance lessons and support our young people. I was able to talk to them, help them stay motivated in this unseen period. The most reasonable decision is to keep working remotely until the end of the school year. The staffs of the Academy and our partners are doing their best to ensure that this goes as well as possible for the Academicians, which is our priority."

Xavier LUCAS, Vice-President of the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy

We reacted as quickly as possible, and from the beginning of the lock down, each Academician was able to continue his education program online. It was the most important for us: being able to support everyone. Everything is now in place, the Academicians have found a new rhythm. We did not want to take any health risk or upset the balance that everyone had found. In consultation with Tony, the employees of the Academy and our partners, we have chosen to complete the school year with distance education."