This year, chess is integrated in the program of the TPAA Acadomia high school.
Each year, the high school works on an innovative educational program adapted to our Academicians. One of the news is the introduction of chess in the schedule of our students, in two ways:
- On school time, with 1 hour per week of strategy training with a international chess master : Matthieu Bissieres
- In leisure time, with a student club dedicated to this practice
The goal is to use chess as a tool to develop strategic sense, to work on the concentration and make links with some subjects taught.
To supervise this new activity, the TPAA Acadomia high school will be accompanied by the Corbas Mions club, the 4th ranked club in France. Thanks to this partnership, our students will be able to progress and play in competitions.

This new project will be presented during the school integration week which will start next week.