Following the reunion on Sunday, Academicians and staff have completed three weeks of integration with many activities.
The objective of these weeks was to facilitate the integration of each student while introducing the Academy concept : passion, business world and education.


  • Lyon visit through a photo game
  • Visit of the Olympique Lyonnais stadium and museum
  • Escape game in team



  • Meeting with the Groupe Adéquat and first workshop of the year : links between sport and business world
  • "Parole de Passionnés" with Laurent De La Clergerie, President and founder of the LDLC Group
  • Creation of the student clubs : Debate, Events, Citizenship, Arts, Media, Personal Development, Chess
The integration ended with a day in Villard-de-Lans, with group games, orientation race and biathlon.
Starting this Monday, classes begin at the private Lycée TPAA Acadomia.