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The BBA Global of emlyon Business School is a four-year degree diploma recognized by the Ministry
of Higher Education. Emlyon business School is one of National Graduate Schools and one of the top
30 European Business Schools in terms of employability, with a network of 31,000 graduates around
the world.
The philosophy of training and development of students is driven by the concept of early makers. This
means allowing you to achieve your full potential, develop your curiosity and openness to the world, a
desire to learn, and willingness to contribute in a responsible way whilst gaining the methods and
know-how that will allow you to thrive in professional contexts.
The pedagogical approach of the Global BBA program stands out by its preparation for operational
management. The different stages of the course have been designed to gradually widen your horizons
while ensuring a quick cultural immersion abroad.

Most of the courses are delivered online so that you can progress at your own pace, the program's
pedagogy goes through projects, teamwork and professional experiences. Students will be regularly
brought together with educational leaders, tutors – coaches, professors and students on the Lyon-
Ecully campus. This follow-up will be reinforced by a mentor from the emlyon Sport Makers
community. The specializations offered during the 4th year via the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy are:
Marketing, Purchasing; Supply Chain, Digital Companies, Hospitality Management.

Program description:
– Access level: students in their final year studying for their High School certificate, for the IB or
National Baccalaureate, or for an equivalent certificate.
– Online training with face-to-face time at the Lyon-Ecully campus
– 1st and 2nd years of training possible in French or English, 3rd and 4th years in English
– Duration of the training within the TPAA: 4 years with possibility of extension
– Minimum of 13 months of professional experience
– 2 semesters of international experience/exposure
– Starting date: September 2019
– For more information: link to PDF

Admissions procedures once accepted to join the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy:
Students whose mother-tongue is French must apply through the French competitive exam

For non-French speakers:
– Content and quality of your High School course work
– Online emlyon academic test
– English test if necessary
– Personal presentation (E-portfolio)
– Skype presentation



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