The staff of the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy has elected his Academician of the month. Félix, Academician of the Training Center and first-year student at the TPAA Acadomia private high school, succeeds Léo.

The Academy staff wanted to reward Félix for his exemplary behavior since the beginning of the year and his investment in the media club, during visits, conferences and his work on the latest club video: 

Two other Academicians stood out this month: Sara and François, both Academicians of the LDLC ASVEL Féminin and LDLC ASVEL training centers.

Sara, who is in a Portuguese section at the CSI (Cité Scolaire Internationale) in Lyon, was rewarded for her regularity and autonomy in her studies.
The Academy also congratulates François for his investment and his participation during the professional meetings organized during the April thematic week.