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Your passion is a strength. Cultivate it with an enriched curriculum. Associate the business world to your academic path. Become who you are.

Cultivate your passion

Fully enjoy your passion, it participates in your development. The Tony Parker Adéquat Academy allows you to evolve in your passion in parallel of your studies, through an adapted program, supervised by a team of professionals, with quality facilities.



Other passions


The pedagogical model is based on active listening, within an institutionally rigorous and demanding framework, to allow building your personalized support.

Within the Academy, our curriculum is aligned with the official programs and adapted pedagogies are put in place, through reduced classrooms, mentoring, development of special timetables and work areas, etc. Adapted schedules promote the construction of a personalized curriculum mixing passion, studies and employment.

To ensure everyone's success, the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy relies on values of teamwork, hardwork and personal commitment. In addition, the Academy supports each young person to develop their sense of responsibility and autonomy. The sharing of experience, ongoing exchanges, events organized within the Academy contribute to the personal enrichment of each Academy student. Quality supervision will be provided thanks to the presence of experienced professionals.

Candidates admitted to the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy will have the opportunity to follow one of the following programs:

Privileged links with companies

The curriculum will permanently integrate strong links with the business world:

  • Testimonies and interaction with entrepreneurs
  • Immersions and internships
  • Professional training
  • Support by the Adéquat Agency integrated within the Academy
  • Access to the network of our partners

Life at theheart of campus

This campus, real place of life, exchanges and experiences, is built around four buildings, dedicated to the practice of your passion, daily life, work and accommodation.

The architectural concept creates meeting place to encourage exchange between the different groups.

With a job offer at the completion of your studies

Each Academy student will get a job offer at the completion of their studies. The Adéquat employment agency integrated within the Academy commits to provide a professional future to all Academy students, by offering them a job at the end of their studies, adapted to each profile and project. *
The partners network from the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy commits to make Academy graduates their new co-workers.

* In accordance with the Charter signed by the Academy students.

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