Since January, our esport team has back to the competition by starting its second season in Division 2 of the League Of Legends game. Back on this beginning of competition and on the next objectives.

Currently ranked 5th in Division 2, the esport team of the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy has just started its second round of games :

"The level is higher than last year, because there was a lot of import of players, for the Training Centers, this year is very formative." - Kilian, esport coach

Our players are more than ever in the competition and are working hard to make their second round of the season, trusting each other and are now able to apply the tactics planned in training.

The week of our young people is punctuated by an intensive practice with two types of training:

  • In group against other teams online, about 3 times a week.
  • On an individual basis, with working phases in autonomy or with coaching

"They are workers and do not let themselves be discouraged by results. The team cohesion is great and we are ready to play our second-round games and move up the rankings." - Kilian


A few figures :
Ranking: 5th ex aequo
Matches played : 12
Number of victories: 5
Number of defeats: 7