Adéquat Agency integrated within the Academy

The Group Adéquat, one of the top 50 companies in the world for the employment market, has created a specific Adéquat Agency integrated at the heart of the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy. This agency, specifically built for this project with a mission to support the Academy students all along their study programs to help them build a strong professional project with a job offer at the completion of their course. This unique Agency has the ambition to develop innovative projects around sport and employment, looking towards the future of recruitment.


  • Support each Academy student through all their studies
  • Propose a job offer at the completion of their curriculum (In accordance with the Charter signed by the Academy students)
  • Innovate on topics related to Sport, Culture, Events and Employment

Groupe AdéquatPresentation

Created in 1987, Adéquat is a dynamic player in the temporary staffing, fixed term and permanent contract market. It operates across the entire French territory and in Belgium through a network of more than 256 employment agencies, equating to more than 25,000 people successfully placed in jobs each day. Naturally, Adéquat is a major partner of the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy. Adéquat receives the Label “Excellent” in the Classement 2017 Décideurs Magazine of the best brands for temporary work and non-executive recruitment in France.

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